Jaison Joseph for Fort Bend County
Justice of the Peace PCT 2

Jaison Joseph, being a resident of Fort Bend in all of more than a decade, has been actively involved in one way or another in the life of many communities in the Fort bend county.

Jaison is a true conservative with strong opinions and drive about integrity and honesty. He is very much a family man married to his wife and having three children. Jaison is a man of faith and a devout Christian. He credits his moral center with treating family, friends, associates, and strangers with sympathy, compassion, humility, and service to those who do not share his views or convictions.

He believes strongly in truth and GOD and is very sensitive about right and wrong. And, his sense of right and wrong is applied justly to friend and stranger.

He surely has this in mind as he thinks of serving as Justice of the Peace . He is very much driven about the economic stability and the social impact brought about by the pandemic and exacerbated by some policies that force the city into a tiny box of alternatives. You can be sure that as Justice of the Peace his energy will be to improve the efficiency of his office where wait time is reduced reasonably by clarifying expectations, improving the efficiency of internal systems and improve interpersonal transactions with the public.

As your neighbor, I will be YOUR VOICE for Justice of the peace, in promising a better tomorrow for everyone.

Jaison Joseph

His experience and knowledge of Information Technology and helping businesses as a c onsultant in improving their systems to work optimally gives him the edge in understanding the specific needs and formulating the best approach to providing solutions .

Jaison’s Priorities

  • Leadership grounded in Integrity and Dependability.
  • Social Justice- Equality for ALL.
  • JP Court system Technology improvement.
  • Uphold the law and constitutional rights.